Whatever is Almerya  in Spanish Greenhousing, Antalya Kumluca is the same in Turkey. Sure, it's not a coincidence. Kumluca is situated in a sheltered plains for blustering winds, surrounded by Taurus Mountains. Right in front of it, there is the Mediterranean Sea and it creates a perfect microclimate. All the vegetables could perfectly produced in Kumluca's

Greenhouses even without a need of warm up in winter time. We have no problem in finding clean irrigation water in this area. Taurus Mountains supply plenty of the water.

Greenhousing in Kumluca became important by time with industry and supplier's manpower and knowledge.

Customers in domestic and foreign Market, has improved in door to door amenities. Kumluca is in a geographical place which has so many advantages in logistics. And by the time, it sure will make progress.