Our company has founded on 1974 at the wholesales market of Kumluca. Our family had also been engaged in agriculture and scrap collection between 1974-1980. We acted as a broker at the wholesales market of Hızırkahya village for two seasons between 1979-1981. We have been procured goods to domestic merchants and exporters as a broker at the wholesales market number 23 which has been our head office since 1981. In 1994, ÇETİNLER COMPANY has founded with the partnership of Turhan ÇETİN, Muhammet ÇETİN and Ali ÇETİN to be institutionalised at fresh vegetable and fruit segment.

In order to support the company in broking and export activities, we added the wholesales market number 88 of Antalya to the company structure in 1995. After the institutionalising process of the company, first export occurred to Russia and Switzerland from Antalya. Next, we had Moldova and Georgia in line. In 2000, just because of the lack of export packaging, we have founded a wooden packaging box factory in Kumluca. We provide those boxes also to the other exporters around the area.

We opened a branch in Romania, thus we got into the their market. And in the later years our company has used the registered brand; MILEXIM. In 2003, we built a modern export-packaging plant in HACCP-ISO 22000 standards. We established a 500 tons capacity cold storage near by the export-packaging plant in 2004 when the customers requested. In 2004, good agricultural practices were introduced in order to ensure Food Safety and Traceability together with certain producers and in this context, agricultural pesticides were included in the company to meet the agricultural input needs of the producers.

In 2005, in order to provide support to broker and export activities in highland season, the activity has started at the wholesales market of Elmalı number 3-4-5. In 2014, for the same purpose, we started in Söğüt at number 4-5. The 6 months of highland season is for you, our valuable consumers to consume the most beautiful vegetables and fruits. In 2008, Turhan ÇETİN, the founder of our company, started to operate in the field of tropical fruit (avocado, jojoba), olive, cattle and sheep and goats in 210,000 m2 of land.

In 2015, a total of 50.000 m2 closed area production facility has been established. In the following period, 20.000 m2 open area was activated in our production facility.

Our company has started to provide service to region as Müjgan ÇETİN Educational Institutions Nursery Main School and Art Center in 2017 with not only agriculture but also social responsibility perspective. As of 2018, we export to Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Iraq, Qatar, Israel, Saudi Arabia. We export 1200 times and 25.000 tons of fresh vegetable and fruit to these countries in a year. Our company is still providing services in brokerage, export, wooden case manufacturing, open and closed greenhouse production facilities, agrochemicals, livestock and education sectors.

As of December 2018, our company operates in a food safety management system that complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 22000.


In this adventure, which has started in our region about 52 years ago, as of 2018, with 65 employees, 4 different packaging and commission facilities, open and closed (greenhouse) production facilities, 21 world countries and approximately 1200 farmers who are connected to our company in our fresh vegetables and fruit sector, we continue on our way as a shining star.


In the developing and globalizing world, we want provide high quality fresh vegetables and fruits to the whole world.




In 2004, Good Agricultural Practices has been enabled on the purpose of Food Security and Traceability. Therefore, we established our own Agricultural Pesticide and Soil Dealer Company to fulfil producers' needs. We have one agricultural engineer and one agricultural technician in our dealer.


We have been doing raw vegetable and fruit brokering since 1974 in Kumluca. By now, there are 4 branches (Antalya hali no:88 –Kumluca hal no:4-5, Elmalı hal no:4-5, Burdur Söğüt hal no:3-4-5) and 75 workers within our constitution.


We have first started exporting to Russia and Sweden in 1995. Now on, by the year of 2018, our company have been exporting to Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Moldovia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar, Poland, Switzerland, Makedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Israel and Saudi Arabia. There are 25.000 tons of raw vegetable exporting at 1200 times in total in a year to these countries.


By the year of 2015, we have constituted 50.000 m2 close area producing facilities and greenhousing. We have also constituted 20.000 m2 open area in the following period. We produce 35 tons of vegetables monthly. And we aim to have 200.000 m2 producing area in total.


In 2000, we have established the wooden crate manufacturing factory for material varieties. Apart from us, we have started providing other exporting companies' needs with this factory. By the year of 2018, we have produced approximately 600.000 wooden crates in one season and keep contributing the export.


When we established our own Agricultural Pesticide and Soil Dealer Company to fulfil producers' needs, we have also provided them plastic cover, water systems, motopomps and all kind of technical equipments to use in Greenhouses.